Discover The #1 Proven System For Starting And Scaling Facebook™ Ads In Any Industry Or Niche
And let the algorithm do all the heavy lifting for you regardless of major updates like IOS 14
No fluff, no filler, just 39 pages of actionable tactics to take your ads and profits to the next level.
Take a look at this screen shot right here...
This client started using the the strategies in Fuel The Algorithm and went from 0 - $73,681 in sales in just under 3-months.

And the best part is...

* This client was completely new to Facebook™ advertising and this was their first e-Commerce store.

Listen, the FTA system works for any type of business including service providers, coaches, consultants, and e-Commerce companies.

Here's what Tim has to say...


Get This WRONG, And Your Facebook™ Ads Simply Will NOT Work!

Every top-notch Facebook™ advertiser knows that "campaign structure" is really the most important factor when it comes to profitability and consistency with Facebook™ads.

If your campaigns are set up the wrong way, it doesn't matter how good your ads are - you'll never make sales, it's as simple as that!

Using the right campaign structure means the difference between getting no sales... or... a steady wave of new customers and clients.

Even better, a steady flow of new customers gives your Facebook™ pixel more data, and more data helps your campaigns get even better results.
My name is Quintin Ford, and my business partner Cole and I are the Founders of knw media.
Back in 2015 we started an Advertising and Marketing agency (knw media) which took me on a journey that I could never have imagined.
In just a short amount of time we were fortunate enough to work with huge mutli-million dollar and even billion dollar companies like WOZ U, Sam's Club, Wework and more.

We even built one of the worlds largest Facebook Fan pages ever to exist (over 75 million likes/followers to date)

And we've helped countless clients with Facebook™ ads.

I could go on and on about our accomplishments with marketing and advertising.

But here's this isn't about us.

This is about you, and how your business could change with a few strategic tweaks.
Like Jessica...

Or Vincent...

Or Meghan (she'd never even run ads before)...
So Here's What Weve Done...
We put together a 39 page guide that outlines exactly what you need to do to make Facebook™ ads generate the results you deserve. 

Yes, it’s just 39 pages.

It’s short and to-the-point because I want you to read it and apply it right away.

So you can get results as fast as tomorrow.

Oh, and if you think more pages = more value...

Go waste your time on a 200 page book that shares endless success stories and goes on and on about theory and philosophy.

But if you respect your time and want solutions to your problems fast, then this is for you.


This is a 39-page, value packed digital guide designed to show you how to effectively create advertising campaigns that leverage the Facebook™ algorithm so you can generate more profits consistently, over long periods of time.

  •  It's delivered directly to your email address immediately after your purchase it.
  • ​And it's laid out so you can easily jump from section to section and quickly reference the things that are most important to you, whenever you need them. 
  • ​Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook™ Group which is filled with weekly content drops and a community of Facebook™ advertisers who are eager to help each other.
And it's all available right now in "Fuel The Algorithm"
The #1 Proven System For Starting And Scaling Facebook™ Ads In Any Industry Or Niche
No Fluff, Just A 39 Page Digital Guide Full Of Actionable Step By Step Formulas To Grow Your Business With Facebook™ Ads
Here's what's inside...
  • Fundamentals of the Facebook Algorithm technology and how you can work with it for better results, rather than fight against it (pg. 5)
  • The “Winner’s Testing Strategy” that helps you stay ahead of updates and make sure you’re always running the best possible version of your campaigns (pg. 8)
  • How professionals organize and read the data from their paid ads so you can ensure you’re always making the right decisions with your Ads strategy (pg. 16)
  • ​ABO and CBO formulas - how to know when to use these different campaign budgeting structures to ensure you get the most bang for your buck (pg. 18)
  • ​Guidelines and structure for scaling your ads, so you can continue to spend more in order to make more over time (pg. 20)
  • ​Overview of the different methods of Facebook targeting so you understand what exactly your strategy is accomplishing for your business (pg. 23)
  • ​Step-by-step map to creating the 3-tier targeting system for your business so you can get the most out of your budget and set yourself up for long-term success (pg. 24)
  • ​How to organize the structure of your different campaigns in order to easily track your leads as they move through the funnel, and continue to stay in front of your potential customers until they convert (pg. 27)
  • ​How to help the algorithm optimize your campaigns to produce you better results, faster than ever before (pg. 31)
  • ​Things to consider when using small daily budgets so you can still make this system work wonders for your business (pg. 34)
  • ​“The rules of scaling” that will ensure you can keep and even improve your ROAS (return on ad spend) as you scale your advertising budget up to new heights (pg. 36) 
  • ​Why WITHOUT this system it will be nearly impossible for you to create a consistent, long-term income stream with Facebook Ads (pg. 39)

You'll Also Get...
  • The pitfalls of Facebook Ads beginner strategies for you to EASILY AVOID
  • Basics of campaign structures used by the PROS to make BILLIONS of dollars every year through Facebook Ads
  • ​Why the # of Ad Sets and ads in a campaign might be killing your results
  • ​How creating ads can actually be SUPER SIMPLE and why you’ve been making it harder than it needs to be
  • ​The SECRET FORMULA for high-budget CBO campaigns so you can rake in profits on the daily
  • How it will be SO much easier (and less time consuming) to manage your Facebook Ads once you have this system in place
It's taken me over five years of front-line Facebook™ ads experience with hundreds of products and services to discover and develop what you'll find in this guide. 

Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars I've spent on tools and analytics, consultants and experts and the hundreds of sleepless nights working tirelessly to make sure that this guide really is the most powerful guide for gaining customers and clients with Facebook™ ads.

This Exact System Is Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Sales Across Multiple Industries.
Imagine how different things could be if you were so in control of your advertising campaigns that you only checked in on your Facebook™ account 2 - 3 times a week.

And imagine that you had so many customers buying your products or services every single day that you were able to relax a little and focus on making your company the best it could be, without going bald from stress.

Look, even if this system just gave you a predictable way to generate an extra $10,000 a month, that could be a game changer for you and your company. 

And it has the potential to produce much more...

You've Got 2 Options...
For just $27 you can purchase our 39 page digital guide "Fuel The Algorithm" and get everything you need to implement these game-changing strategies into your Facebook™ campaigns so you can fix your problems right away and grow your business.


You can close out this page and go back to what you've been doing.

What If This Guide Is A Waste Of Time?
I'll be straight with you...

This is NOT going to be a waste of your time. 

As I mentioned above this guide is 39 pages of straight tactical and actionable guidance so you can read it an implement it fast, and it's only $27. 

If you're stressing about $27 you probably aren't the type of advertiser who should be buying this guide in the first place.


If for whatever reason you don't like the contents of this guide and you feel like it's been a waste of your time (which it won't) then we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

^^^That's called a 100% money-back guarantee ;)

Just write us an email and we'll take care of it. 

But the truth is you'll be so happy with the information in this guide that you'll be screaming "YUREKA" from the rooftops. 

And the only email you'll be sending us is a thank you note while you're watching your sales flood in.

Wait...Why Is This Only $27?
There's a couple of reasons why this is just $27 when you purchase today.
  • I struggled for years and wasted HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on ads simply because I didn't really know what I was doing. And it messed up my life for a long time. Giving you this information could literally save you from doing the same, and accidentally driving your company into the ground. I got to where I am today with the help of others, so I'm happy to flip the script and help you as much as I can. 
  • Once you start having more success with Facebook™ ads you're going to be happy and profitable. And... you'll almost certainly want to learn how we can help you get even better results with your business. Which is a win win for both of us. 
The truth is, $27 doesn't do a whole lot for us... Our business thrives through our Coaching and Consulting Programs, where we change the lives of our students by focusing on the details, and helping them improve the profitability of their businesses every day. 

Our hope is that maybe one day we'll help completely change your life through one of our programs as well.

Now, you might be thinking...

Why don't you just give this away for free if you really want to help people?

Well... when you get something for free, you subconsciously don't value it very much. And what ends up happening is you never get around to using it or executing on the ideas. 

Spending just $27 signifies a commitment to your success and it also changes your psychology. It causes you to be excited to take action, and that's exactly what you need to do if you want the best possible results from this guide.

Oh, and if you're NOT the type of person who is willing to spend just $27 on improving your business, you're probably not going to have much success with Facebook™ ads and there's not much point in you getting this guide in the first place.

So, at the end of the day, placing a $27 price tag on this guide is weeding out the tire-kickers, complainers, and freebie seekers, who don't really value their time or business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

You're getting this entire deal for a fraction of why my private coaching clients pay.

And you're saving around $7,000

I wanted this purchase to be a NO-BRAINER (and it should be for just $27), so you get this information and start applying it right away. 

It's my goal to help as many entrepreneurs as possible and the best way to do that is to make this guide incredibly affordable.

So enjoy it. 

Like I said at the beginning....

This will be a game-changer for you.


Quintin Ford

P.S. Just In Case You Skipped To The Bottom Like I Always Do...

Facebook™ ads have changed a lot over the years, but one core concept has always and will always work to produce you the results you need.

The "secret" to running successful ads is to create a campaign structure and strategy that leverages the algorithm so Facebook™ can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Facebook's technology is incredibly smart, but it won't get you the results you need without proper instruction, and that is exactly what our 39 page guide is all about. 

It's meant to be short and to-the-point, no fluff, no filler. 

For just $27 you'll receive a digital download with actionable methods and strategies that you can implement into your advertising campaigns as early as today.

And these methods are responsible for millions of dollars in profits for large corporate companies all the way down to small business owners like yourself. 

To recap...

You're getting a 39 page Facebook™ advertising guide and access to our private Facebook™ group. You'll also have the option to set up a free strategy session with one of our experts and learn about our higher level offerings.

You're getting all of this for just $27.

And if for any reason you're not impressed we'll send you a full refund. You won't want it, but it's there just in case.

And if $27 seems like too much of an investment into your business, this guide, and Facebook™ advertising in general, is not for you.

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