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ONE TIME OFFER: 7-Figure Funnels: In this video course you'll learn the exact system we use to create sales funnels that attract our ideal customers while scaling quickly with Facebook™ ads. Having the right funnel and system in place will help your ads perform better and generate more profits for your business. Normally this course is $199 but it's yours today for just $27

Ad Placement Optimizations: There are two hugely overlooked ad placement optimizations when creating Facebook™ ads. In this video tutorial we highlight the best ways to optimize your ads for top perfomance across all placements, news feed, right hand, stories and more...Normally this short course is $47 but it's yours today for just $17.

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Here's What's Included
  •  Fundamentals of the Facebook Algorithm technology and how you can work with it for better results, rather than fight against it (pg. 5)
  • The “Winner’s Testing Strategy” that helps you stay ahead of updates and make sure you’re always running the best possible version of your campaigns (pg. 8)
  • ​How professionals organize and read the data from their paid ads so you can ensure you’re always making the right decisions with your Ads strategy (pg. 16)
  • ​ABO and CBO formulas - how to know when to use these different campaign budgeting structures to ensure you get the most bang for your buck (pg. 18)
  • ​Guidelines and structure for scaling your ads, so you can continue to spend more in order to make more over time (pg. 20)
  • ​​Overview of the different methods of Facebook targeting so you understand what exactly your strategy is accomplishing for your business (pg. 23)
  • ​​Step-by-step map to creating the 3-tier targeting system for your business so you can get the most out of your budget and set yourself up for long-term success (pg. 24)
  • ​​How to organize the structure of your different campaigns in order to easily track your leads as they move through the funnel, and continue to stay in front of your potential customers until they convert (pg. 27)
  • ​​How to help the algorithm optimize your campaigns to produce you better results, faster than ever before (pg. 31)
  • ​Things to consider when using small daily budgets so you can still make this system work wonders for your business (pg. 34)
  • ​“The rules of scaling” that will ensure you can keep and even improve your ROAS (return on ad spend) as you scale your advertising budget up to new heights (pg. 36)
  • ​​Why WITHOUT this system it will be nearly impossible for you to create a consistent, long-term income stream with Facebook Ads (pg. 39)

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